You know, I don’t think about it too often because it’s really sad, but Link’s life—more specially Ocarina of Time’s incarnation—is pretty depressing. More often than not, I wonder what he thought the moment he figured out that he wasn’t a Kokiri. A whole new world opened to him, he could now cross between the forest and the rest of Hyrule unlike the rest of the Kokiri children. It seems nice until one realizes: he is going to age and eventually die while the people he grew up with will not. As a matter of fact: most of the Kokiri children don’t even recognize him. That must have hurt. Going back to the forest only to have the Kokiri stare up at him with blank faces. Some of them talked about him, too and wondered when he would be back. They cared about him but they were unable to understand that the person standing in front of them—with a grown up’s body—is the Link they’re talking about and waiting for.

Link didn’t show much of a reaction for—what I can imagine—the sake of game mechanics, but it’s hard to believe that the whole ordeal didn’t strike him in any way. It is possible that the Kokiri children would eventually recognize him, but that doesn’t stop time at all. Eventually, Link will die; eventually, he won’t be strong enough to come back into the forest to visit. You know what else? The Kokiri children will have to one day understand that Link has passed away. They understand death, they pushed through the Great Deku Tree’s death; and while he was there for a very long time, he was more or less replaced with a new Spore Out. It was sad, but there will be a new Great Deku Tree to care for them, there won’t be a new Link for them, though…

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sorry to be a buzzkill if you've been told this a lot, but the music on this page isn't working!! :(

I’m sorry about that.m I will get to fixing it!

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So, if Link were in the present day what do you think his melee weapon of choice would be? Im saying no swords as they are illegal in most places in the U.S save for display.

Hm, I’m almost sure he’d use a baseball bat as it’s closest thing to a good Deku Stick.

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The Shadow Temple


Well, you guys know of my perfectly normal obsession with the Sheikah, so it would only come as natural that the Shadow Temple is my favorite temple in Ocarina of Time. This is only after getting past the whole ‘shit, that place is so fucking scary’ phase I had when I was a kid. After I got past it, I found myself returning to it quite often. Every time I go into a room and take a second to look around, I can only imagine the type of things that were happening in there. How many people died, were jailed there left to rot or tortured. 

Do want to take a tour of the Shadow Temple with me? I’ll be typing about every section of the Temple which strikes me most and the different themes that run around. If you’re coming with me, hold my hand, don’t let go as I can’t be held responsible if anything were to happen to you.

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