how about the gerudo race

I can do that, but what about them? That as a topic seems very wide.

Don’t forget that you can send me any topics of discussion regarding the Zelda series. I’ll be happy to answer to all of them and after I do, feel free to join in and give your own input!

Hyrule Warriors is about a month away from release. Tell me how excited you are, Skull Children!

Amazing Zelda Tees!!

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when u walk into a new room and u hear the redeads moaning


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Hyrule Warriors

It seems the roster for Hyrule Warriors isn’t yet complete. SO! With that: who would you like to see in the game?

lordquednau whispered,

Please have hyrule warriors on your blog

Sure! Seems most of the Skull Children want it here.

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Hyrule Warriors: Who are you most excited to play as?

Hyrule Warriors

So, since Hyrule Warrios is not part of the Zelda canon timeline, but is endorsed by Nintendo…my question to you guys is: should it be included with this blog’s posters?

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