what if ganondorf pulled out a bottled fairy before the final blow in battle 

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hey, you know how only the chosen hero can pull the master sword from its pedestal? that pree’much means that the pedestal that holds the master sword in games after wind waker will made out of ganondorf’s head.

no games on that timeline include the master sword. And the other splits never involved ganondorf/master sword head connection.

yer saying that as if they’ll never add any more games in the timeline after spirit tracks

ACTUALLY! no not unless they go back to that drowned version of Hyrule (which while that isn’t entirely out of the question…) they probably won’t. Especially With King of Red lions speech where he says to adventure out and find their own land and what not.

they did find their own land and such. but i am still thinking on demise’s curse. ganondorf will be reincarnated again and they will need the master sword to defeat him, they HAVE to go back and get it. in which case…the master sword’s ‘pedestal’ is still the old ganondorf’s head. …
…..that post got worse.

This makes for an incredible plot story but would Ganondorf be reborn on a land that doesnt follow the three golden goddesses? Demise hated the goddesses and he wanted their powerful relic for his own use. He was after the triforce and there is really little indication that the Triforce is a factor in Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks. But its also a wonder as to what happened to the Triforce at the end of Wind Waker? Was it lost forever or does it still dwell underwater  or is it with the heirs of the blood lines? This is very interesting!

Well, it would seem as if Tetra remains with the Triforce because in Phantom Hourglass they still call her “princess.” The three Golden Goddesses seem to still apply there. The problem is that we are unsure if the Goddesses created the whole world of just Hyrule, we can assume that they created the whole world in which case the Triforce will always apply and the Goddesses will always apply even if people have forgotten about them. …That’s depressing.


hey, you know how only the chosen hero can pull the master sword from its pedestal? that pree’much means that the pedestal that holds the master sword in games after wind waker will made out of ganondorf’s head.


i think my favorite thing about hyrule’s species is how welcoming they are of one another. even if they’re supposed to be hostiles like the gerudos, they can see the worth of another species just by the example of one member. they make gadgets and items to help other species survive in their territories and make it easier for them to get around, too. even if one has to perform a certain feat, most species will eventually see the worth of another. 

iit’s pree’great.

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What do you believe about the fierce deity'a origin?

I am so sorry for not answering to you sooner, I didn’t think about this before and I needed some time to gather my thoughts. I have also been away from this blog.

Anyway! It is difficult to say even with the small amount of information that we have about him. We know that (according to Majora) he’s supposed to be a bad guy—though, he more likely isn’t, it’s simply the way Majora likes to think of it; anyone who interrupts its fun is bad— and we know (from battle experience) that he is able to match Majora’s power very easily. The light strikes from his sword are able to briefly paralyze Majora. His mask is located inside the moon which means that Majora was holding onto it and that he can only be wielded in boss rooms, in other words: rooms containing powerful enemies. Seems that using his power for anything else would be overdoing it. 

We can assume that he exists for the sole purpose of opposing Majora and keeping it in check; however, he can also exist to match Majora. Link receives his power because he doesn’t have any masks left—masks are powerful, right? Would Majora think it boring if Link went into battle without powerful masks? He still has the Zora, Goron and Deku masks, though. Maybe Majora doesn’t think those masks are powerful, they won’t be amusing to it. 

The Fierce Deity mask is a transformation mask just like the Zora, Deku and Goron masks are; those masks had spirits inside of them which granted Link their powers. The Fierce Deity mask does the same thing, so we can assume that there is also a spirit trapped inside of it. Questions is: is thee really someone trapped inside the mask? How did they get in there in the first place? If we take a brief look at the Japanese translations of the game, it says that the mask is supposed to be one that an omi (demon) wears. So, with that, we can think that there is a spirit inside that mask, a demon spirit like Majora. But he is different from Majora, right? He is willing to share his power to fight against Majora while Majora used its host in an attempt to destroy the world.

Now, if we recall back to Majora’s own origins, we know that the mask came from an ancient tribe that used it for rituals. They knew the mask best and they knew how powerful and dangerous it was. If they knew how powerful and dangerous it was, it is more likely that they also knew what it took to stop it and match its power, to keep it under control. It is also likely that they created the Fierce Deity mask using the soul of a demon just for such a occasion that Majora would escape and create chaos. But you know, this cannot be the first time in which Majora and Fierce Deity have met because Majora knew of him already, It had the mask in its possession, it had to have known what Fierce Deity was capable of though it is difficult to say as to what it thought when giving the mask to someone to use against it.

Why didn’t Majora destroy the Fierce Deity mask when it could so that no one could stand in its way? There might be two reasons: maybe it just simply couldn’t in the state the mask was in. Maybe the mask can only be destroyed when the wearer is destroyed, so it gave it to Link in hopes of destroying them both. Or maybe, it just didn’t want to. There has to be a deeper connection between the two, like two rivals who cannot live without one another. Seems that could be the type of relationship between them, but it also seems to be one-sided. In the end, we know that Majora (the spirit) is more likely destroyed and we can assume that the Fierce Deity still lives inside the mask.

It would seem as if Majora could not stand to exist without Fierce Deity, but Fierce Deity could go without.


Ya know it seems that everything that exists in Hyrule’s universe also exists in Lorule’s universe with a slight color alteration. It mostly being purple, so with that in mind:



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You know, I don’t think about it too often because it’s really sad, but Link’s life—more specially Ocarina of Time’s incarnation—is pretty depressing. More often than not, I wonder what he thought the moment he figured out that he wasn’t a Kokiri. A whole new world opened to him, he could now cross between the forest and the rest of Hyrule unlike the rest of the Kokiri children. It seems nice until one realizes: he is going to age and eventually die while the people he grew up with will not. As a matter of fact: most of the Kokiri children don’t even recognize him. That must have hurt. Going back to the forest only to have the Kokiri stare up at him with blank faces. Some of them talked about him, too and wondered when he would be back. They cared about him but they were unable to understand that the person standing in front of them—with a grown up’s body—is the Link they’re talking about and waiting for.

Link didn’t show much of a reaction for—what I can imagine—the sake of game mechanics, but it’s hard to believe that the whole ordeal didn’t strike him in any way. It is possible that the Kokiri children would eventually recognize him, but that doesn’t stop time at all. Eventually, Link will die; eventually, he won’t be strong enough to come back into the forest to visit. You know what else? The Kokiri children will have to one day understand that Link has passed away. They understand death, they pushed through the Great Deku Tree’s death; and while he was there for a very long time, he was more or less replaced with a new Spore Out. It was sad, but there will be a new Great Deku Tree to care for them, there won’t be a new Link for them, though…

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sorry to be a buzzkill if you've been told this a lot, but the music on this page isn't working!! :(

I’m sorry about that.m I will get to fixing it!

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So, if Link were in the present day what do you think his melee weapon of choice would be? Im saying no swords as they are illegal in most places in the U.S save for display.

Hm, I’m almost sure he’d use a baseball bat as it’s closest thing to a good Deku Stick.

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