Happy mask salesman by ~nezma

this image…beyond being fantastic makes me think.. 

Majora’s mask was obviously sentient when the Happy Mask Salesman found it/him/her, but the mask did not corrupt the salesman and just went along for the ride…Was the mask similar to  The One Ring from The lord of the rings, and using the salesman to get it’self to Skull kid? or was it awakened when skull kid put it on? or possibly something else.

regardless it would be fantastic to see someone significantly better than I at fics or RP or something writing out the first encounter of these two(assuming always aware sentience on the mask’s part)

Hi! You asked me to check this out, so here I am!

Anyways! I see your comparison and I love it. (I am very, very familiar with the Ring and how it works, so this is easy.) I do not believe that the Happy Mask Salesman ever wore the Mask because he knew it was evil, he was well-aware of its powers when he sent Link to get it and he also recognized that the evil left the Mask when it was returned to him. 

I don’t believe that the Mask might have worked as the Ring did for the sense that it seems that the Happy Mask Salesman already knew of its existence when he set out to find it; the Mask didn’t call for him as the Ring did to Isildur when he took it from Sauron’s finger or to Bilbo when he took it from Gollum. (I say that in the sense that both of them were taken by the Ring at the mere sight of it, there we are sure that the Ring wanted a ride with them.) The Mask was simply taken from the Salesman by Skull Kid. It wasn’t something that happened by chance, it’s very common for Skull Children to play tricks on strangers in the woods. Even if Skull Kid did get out of hand when knocking out the Happy Mask Salesman.

Not to mention that Skull Kid got out of hand with the Happy Mask Salesman because Happy Mask Salesman is an adult. Skull Children hate adults and they do attack them. The fact that he took Majora’s Mask seemed to have been by chance just for the mere fact that the mask was colorful; it stood out between all the other masks that the Happy Mask Salesman was carrying. I can see that the situation might have been the same because Smeagol attacked and killed Deagol to get the Ring, but it was because he saw the ring and asked for it and Deagol wouldn’t gve it.

I doubt this was the case with Skull Kid and the Happy Mask Salesman because I don’t think the Happy Mask Salesman would have been carrying the mask, or setting out for display on his bag in the open. He must have had it tucked away.

I believe that the Mask couldn’t use its powers, gain strength to work on its own as it did on the end unless someone put it on. I believe that while it was controlling Skull Kid, it was also taking his energy so that it may function on its own because if that wasn’t the case, then why wouldn’t it have done the entire thing on its own as soon as the Happy Mask Salesman got his hands on it? Yeah?

The Ring was trying to get back to its Master, but the Mask wasn’t, the Mask just wanted to cause chaos. And it needed a host before it could work on its own, not to be carried around like the Ring did; but that doesn’t stop the two of them from being very similar.