Don’t attack form behind!

So, I am playing Master Quest right now and I just made it to the Sacred Forest Meadow with all the Moblins. And when I got to the final one—the biggest one that sends shock waves your way and you have to dodge them to get past him—I am always reminded back to when I was a kid and was playing Ocarina of Time with my Dad watching me. He saw that I got past the Moblin and was attacking him from behind. After seeing that, he goes and says: “Well, that’s not very honorable, you shouldn’t attack someone from behind. That’s the coward’s way.”

After he told me that, never again did I attack that Moblin from behind. Haha. I always got past him without killing him until I got the bow and arrow so that I could shoot him; or I sent Bombchus his way. I still do that!