fulgoris whispered,

Can we just spend a moment on gannondorf's upbringing and how fantastical it actually is? Gerudo males happen once every 100 years and are always heralded as kings and rulers whoopdie doo~ but one just one was born to a witch but not just any witch one of the most powerful witches of gerudo history that happened to have an equally powerful twin sister, just holy hell.

You’re talking about Koume and Kotake, yes? The thing about them is that, they don’t seem to actually be his birth mothers. They are described as his “surrogate mothers” which leaves us to wonder who his Mother actually is or if she was actually important.

lordquednau whispered,

Please have hyrule warriors on your blog

Sure! Seems most of the Skull Children want it here.

northern-chief-eska whispered,

why you go away for so long?? I miss you..

i’m sorry; cosplay and video games kinda suck me away. i’ll try to be more active here

Anonymous whispered,

What did you think of battling Imprisioned in SS? haha

*dying sheikah sound* It was such a pain! 

The only times I actually enjoyed battling him were the first and last time mainly because, while they still had the same mechanics, the battles weren’t completely the same. I feel that while I might have been tedious for the player and seemingly lazy from Nintendo, it was important for the sake of the story line in the sense that it shows you how powerful the forces of evil are. Zelda is trying to hold them back as much as she can, but the power is just too much for her. It shows how much she needs Link and vise verse. It’s great in that sense and so…while I battle him, I do think of it that way so my face doesn’t melt off from routine. Hah.

tragicharmony01 whispered,

Is there anywhere i can actually buy a real majoras mask cause i cant find it anywhere :/

I am not quite sure, sadly. Maybe my followers can help.

Anonymous whispered,

Do you think that Zelda needs a bigger role in future games?

I have this a few times before, but I don’t mind repeating it:

I believe that any person who thinks Zelda needs a bigger role doesn’t understand her current role at all.

Anonymous whispered,

What did you think of the Link is dead theory of the video? Do you agree with it?

Sorry I took a while to answer you, I just logged into this account just now. Anyway, moving on!

I love the theory and it’s very well thought out, but there are two very big holes in it that disproves it for me. The first can be found in Hyrule Historia in the section where it talks about Majora’s Mask. It says that Termina is a parallel world to Hyrule and that the entrance is through the Lost Woods. It seems anyone that can find the entrance can come an go. Also, in Termina, there are people who Link has never met before, the mind can’t fabricate people like that. Everyone a person sees in their mind is someone they have seen before in their life time, but that’s stretching it a bit since  this is video game character we’r e talking about.

The second one and the one I think breaks the theory the most is when they connected Majora’s Mask Link to the Hero’s Shade claiming that Link did get lost in the Lost Woods and turned into the Stalfos-like creature we see in Twilight Princess. Seems solid until I took into consideration: the Link we play as in Majora’s Mask is still Child Link. If he really got Lost in the Lost Woods, he would have turned into a Skull Kid and not a Stalfos. Hell, if he got lost in the Woods, he didn’t even a chance to grow up. 

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This blog's autoplay is the best

hconcemarc-deactivated20140321 whispered,

What was the creepiest zelda moment you ever encountered?

Something that I found creepy… I can’t decide between Twinrova winking at Link or the Fairy Queen hitting on Link. One of those two.

Anonymous whispered,

What is your favorite thing about Ghirahim?

His tongue.

I like how charismatic and energetic he is. He is the type of villain that embarrasses you every time he’s on screen, but you want to see more of him.I love his dialogue, the sadistic way in which he talks is my favorite type of speech from a villain and more importantly, what I like the best about him: he is successful in his goal! You gotta admire a servant as determined as he was, Demise. 

Shame on you for dropping the ball! YOU HAD ONE BATTLE, DEMISE. ONE.

ocarinaoftardis whispered,

AHHHHHH i answered that thing about which zelda game was the most difficult for me and i said ocarina of time but it got messed up and i didn't get to finish. It was the most difficult for me because I originally started playing it when I was little and didn't know /anything/ about playing videogames. Now, it's very easy for me. But back then it was pretty difficult

I remember Ocarina of Time was also one of the more difficult games I have completed, perhaps not because the game it self was difficult but because it was one of my first video games. It sure was my first Zelda game and it took me a while to understand how the game worked and such. That seemed to be lack of experience rather than the game being difficult.

I had such little experience with how Zelda games worked—and my English wasn’t too great back then either—that when I met Zelda for the first time, I thought that was the end of the game! Haha!

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Do you read everything your followers comment on?

Yes, sir/m’am. I read every comment that is added to any of my posts, I answer any questions that are being asked via comments and I add commentary if I feel it necessary. Granted, there might be come comments or questions that I might have missed, but I never ignore anything. If someone asked something via comments and I didn’t answer, then it simply means that I didn’t see it. 

unconfirmed-buttplug whispered,

What is your favorite quote from a Zelda game?

I’m stuck between two of them:

"Have faith, have faith." "Believe in your strength. Believe."

Both by the Happy Mask Salesman

unconfirmed-buttplug whispered,

Which games Zelda is your favorite?

Whoops, I misread your question. You’re asking which Zelda is my favorite, as in character, yes?

If so, that would have to be Skyward Sword’s Zelda, she is the most sincere to me.

6teenana whispered,

So someone asked recently about how you would feel about a Sheik/Zelda centric game, and I wanted to know your opinion on the current campaign on Facebook to give Zelda a stronger role in Zelda games. (Like possibly making her a playable character or one that doesn't just appear in certain cutscenes but has to actively help Link in his adventures.)

Zelda doesn’t need a stronger role at all, she IS the story and what she does in every game is extremely important. Just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean that she’s not doing anything nor does it take away from the importance of what she does. I think that people who think she needs to actively help Link throughout the adventure have never played Spirit Tracks, she happens to be his companion there and saves him from death several times. 

I previously made a post all about her, too. This might apply.