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ecliptical whispered,

I was just wondering about your cosplay. Did you make it all completely by yourself? Hand-sewed and everything? I want to cosplay for this halloween but I wondering if you could give me some sort of estimation as to how long it would take to make a cosplay costume? Thanks so much for your help!

I made everything on the costume save for the zentai suit base. Everything else is hand sewn because I have no sewing machine yet. It took me about a month to complete. If you wanna cosplay Sheik, and you start now then you’ll be done by Halloween.

reverse-thrusters whispered,

I missed your cosplay!!! I've been looking for it and I REALLY want to see it! Can you post again, or link?

Here you go, you can see all the pictures here. 

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thehufflepuffwholeaptthroughtime ha risposto al tuo post : Guys, random thought: I wanna cosplay a Poe! xD…

Good luck! That’d be a good idea. :D Any idea on what style you’d go as? (Like the different looks of the ones between ‘Ocarina of Time’ and ‘Twilight Princess’.)

This version:

I say this only because I believe this version to be more recognizable than the Twilight Princess versions just because the Twilight Princess version really does look like any other phantom to me. Even more so: the Twilight Princess version looks like a Ring Wraith to me. :|

Symphony of the Goddess

So, it’s official. My friends and I will be going to the Symphony of the Goddess in November, it will be in New York, at Madison Square Garden. If you happen to be going to it, and you see me, feel free to approach me and say hi (Don’t be shy!). 

Okay, so here’s the thing. I’m thinking about cosplaying classic Shiek but I’m not too sure… so I’d like to hear your opinions: should I cosplay as Shiek to the symphony or not?

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Zelda Grove

Corvin Studios Cosplay

Like those pages if you have facebook, it’s be really great if you did! Forgive me, though!

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