I will be leaving the waiting circle on Tuesday it seems. My Hyrule Historia gets here then!

"Hyrule Historia" tops Amazon's Top 100 bestsellers within 24 hours


In the process, the guide to all things Hyrule knocked the “Fifty Shades” trilogy to No. 2. A solid victory for the Hero of Time.

Pre-Order your copy of Hyrule Historia here!

Just trying to watch out for for Grove’s Skull Children.

vulterio whispered,

do you know if the book will be published in other languages, too or be available on other countries than america? :)

I am not sure of that, I am sorry! D:

Hyrule Historia Coming to America!

Details here for my Skull Children.

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thatspidermenace whispered,

When does the English Hyrule Historia come out? :D

On January. :3