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Which Zelda game do you think is most underrated? Why?

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The Relationship Between Majora and Fierce Deity.

Original ask sent by: fowo. I just thought this way would be better to answer.

The relationship between the two is very difficult to speak of because of how little information we know about Fierce Deity within the game. The information about Majora it self is a tad shady as well, so connecting the two together isn’t an easy task. If we were to start somewhere, I think it would be best to start with the fact that Majora him self gave Link the Fierce Deity Mask when he noted that Link no longer had any other masks.

When Link puts on the mask, he takes on a new form exactly as he does when putting on the Zora, Deku or Goron Mask. That suggests and within this mask, there is also a spirit trapped. Who trapped it there? Unsure. However, I like to trace that back to the Happy Mask Salesman and where ever he came from! Why? Well, he knows the Song of Healing. This song, as we all know, “heals” restless spirits and seals them within a mask; when this mask is put on, the user takes on the form and powers of the spirit inside. Where does the Happy Mask Salesman come from? Did he create the Song of Healing? If he didn’t then who taught it to him?

I like to believe that he did create the Song of Healing. Why? Well, he seems to be an expert on masks; I can believe that he’s found a way to create any mask he wishes and has several ways of doing so. So, if he did create the Song of Healing that must mean that he created the Fierce Deity Mask. There’s no way to deny or prove this because of the Happy Mask Salesman’s mysterious origins. Some people think he’s a Sheikah, some people think he comes form the Moon. The latter seems to be the more accepted theory because the Children of the Moon resemble him—or what we can see of them—and they all say that they want to be mask salesmen when they grow up.

However, in contrast, he does posses the Mask of Truth. As we know, this mask is a treasure of the Sheikah, passed down among them. Why does he have it? Did he steal it? I doubt it. Did he just find it laying around since the Sheikah vanished? I can see that since it’s exactly what Link did with the Lens of Trust—yet another relic believed to belong to the Sheikah. Something I can say is that I doubt him to be a regular Hylian. I haven’t seen many Hylians that could vanish into thin air at will…

So, if the Fierce Deity is yet another spirit trapped inside a mask by the Song of Healing, then who was he in life? Was he a God like his name suggests or was he a powerful swordsman? I looked at his attire for clues and he doesn’t have much to go by save for two symbols on his chest plate. On the right breast we see a triangle and on the left, we see a moon. (This is looking at his picture and not actually being him.) Where have we seen symbols like that before? The triangle: could that be one of the pieces of the triforce? Could it be maybe the one at the bottom of the original Hylian Shield? That forth piece many people believe to exist.


And if not, could it be the Triforce of Courage? Unsure and we have no way to make sure at all.

As for the moon, it is yet another symbol which has been found within the Zelda series:


Granted, it’s not the same entirely; but I doubt it takes much away from the fact that it is a moon and that the shape has been seen on another artifact. Could this creature have come from the Gerudo? His physical appearance seems to dismiss this, it’s VERY far from the traditional Gerudo appearance. When we go back to the moon shape, it might hit us right in the face: the game revolves around a giant Moon coming down on Clock Town. Maybe those two are related and Fierce Deity came from the Moon as one of the Moon Children—believed to be Majora—had the mask.

Our question goes unanswered, but that’s alright for now. Now we have to move on and wonder: why does Majora have the mask? Why does he give it to Link? Was he not aware of the great power that was inside the mask or did he not care about it? Did he think he could defeat it? And if so: why? Was it his rival in ancient times? How did they come across one another?

We can start by noting what Majora says when giving the mask to Link. He gives Link the mask because Link has no other masks and because they wee going to play a game. Majora is the good guy and Link is the bad guy and he always runs. But the thing is that Majora says the same thing even if Link doesn’t get the Fierce Deity Mask. Link is the bad guy here because he’s stepping in and ruining his fun. This leads me to believe that Majora—much like the Skull Kid—is intending to play a prank on the land of Termina. One that gets out of hand, but it’s alright because it’s just a prank! That’s a very child-like mentality and maybe that’s why he gave Link to the Fierce Deity Mask, children are often very confident. Over confident when they play a game that they’ve played before and are apparently good at.

I believe that Majora has done this before and probably the main reason why he was sealed away. Or even more so: he tried this once before and he was stopped. Possibly stopped by the God inside the Mask. It seems possible that the God allowed him self to be turned into a mask so that he may grant his power to anyone just in case Majora came back. I mean, when you play as Fierce Deity Link, you’re pretty much unstoppable. I blame the fact that Majora gave Link the mask because he’s not all that sane. He surely doesn’t act like it and everything was a game to him.


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