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SO i found a game flaw. In Majora's Mask, Link comes in riding full grown Epona. But when Link is a kid in Ocarina of Time, Epona is small and unridable. But in Majora's Mask, Link is small and Epona is big.

Epona is not fully grown in Majora’s Mask, but she’s also not as small as she was in Ocarina of Time. Just like Link, she’s a tad older and I do imagine that she could be ridden at that point in her life.

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When you first talk to the Happy Mask Salesman, why did Nintendo choose to make the changing of positions so choppy and not smooth?

I’m guessing you mean in Majora’s Mask, yeah?

Well, the first that comes to mind would be the graphic limitations; but even if that wasn’t so, I think that ‘snapping’ from position to position kinda fits the Happy Mask Salesman. The man is clearly a spazz after all. I imagine him to be shaking, paranoid and unstable all the way through anything; specially if his most precious Mask was stolen.

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I have screwed up the Anju and Kafei sidequest twice in this game play. >.>;

I seem to get distracted collecting other masks during that quest and miss my deadlines for events! Dx

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