Don’t attack form behind!

So, I am playing Master Quest right now and I just made it to the Sacred Forest Meadow with all the Moblins. And when I got to the final one—the biggest one that sends shock waves your way and you have to dodge them to get past him—I am always reminded back to when I was a kid and was playing Ocarina of Time with my Dad watching me. He saw that I got past the Moblin and was attacking him from behind. After seeing that, he goes and says: “Well, that’s not very honorable, you shouldn’t attack someone from behind. That’s the coward’s way.”

After he told me that, never again did I attack that Moblin from behind. Haha. I always got past him without killing him until I got the bow and arrow so that I could shoot him; or I sent Bombchus his way. I still do that!

xobybr ha risposto al tuo post : *stealthy table flip* Dammit, I missed a key for…

how exactly is Master Quest different? like is it just harder or is there added stuff?

Enemies cause more damage, dungeons are rearranged and all the Golden Skulltulas in there are changed, too.

…..*never before has he been so happy that the bandages cover his face* I missed the key in plain sight at the Forest barrier’s first room…..

*stealthy table flip* Dammit, I missed a key for the Light barrier Inside Ganon’s Castle in Master Quest. Now I have to try my hardest to remember where it is and go back and get it.

Trivia, Master Quest:

What is the combination in which to attack the Deku Scrubs to enter Queen Gohma’s chamber?

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