"The Walking ReDead"

"The Walking ReDead"

Tread carefully in the land of Hyrule, for the ReDead have come to life!

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The Shadow Temple


Well, you guys know of my perfectly normal obsession with the Sheikah, so it would only come as natural that the Shadow Temple is my favorite temple in Ocarina of Time. This is only after getting past the whole ‘shit, that place is so fucking scary’ phase I had when I was a kid. After I got past it, I found myself returning to it quite often. Every time I go into a room and take a second to look around, I can only imagine the type of things that were happening in there. How many people died, were jailed there left to rot or tortured. 

Do want to take a tour of the Shadow Temple with me? I’ll be typing about every section of the Temple which strikes me most and the different themes that run around. If you’re coming with me, hold my hand, don’t let go as I can’t be held responsible if anything were to happen to you.

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Trivia: Are there any hidden grottos in Zora’s Domain? If so, how many are there?

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Lon Lon Ranch’s Management

Deep in my heart, there is a small sense of satisfaction in seeing Talon kicked out of the ranch when Ingo takes over even if the guy doesn’t run the place properly. It seems I’ve no sympathy for people who are purely lazy. A part of me believes that Ingo did deserve to be owner of the ranch because he did all the work there for a very, very long time. Too bad Malon was the one that got stuck in the middle of it all.

Did Talon really think that it was right for Ingo to do all the work while he jst slept? Hell, even Malon was working. It seems she was in charge of Epona which is fine seeing as how she was a child at the time and there is so much a young girl can do for the grown horses. Point is: she did work, too.

Sheik/Zelda Game

How awesome would it be if Nintendo made a Sheik game.  Ughhhhh I’d explode of happiness…let’s try to get Nintendo’s attention?

Sheikah’s Response:

Tbh, I’m sure Nintendo has heard some word of it, they’re not completely oblivious to what the fans say. However, I’m one of those fans that isn’t interested in this type of game at all. As much as I love Sheik, I wouldn’t even want to see him in another game. Breaks his ‘magic’ for me.