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AnimeNext [Not Zelda-related]

Well, AnimeNext is next week and I am about to puke about it. ….Meaning: I am nervous. I am excited, too. Cosplay work is going well and I’ll hopefully be done by the middle of the week which leaves me a tad of time to get everything packed and such. Anyways, after I’m back from the con I’ll be able to get n this blog and make ALL the posters! Play ALL the Zelda games!

Anyways, if anyone from here is going to AnimeNext, feel free to say ‘hi’ to me if you spot me. I’ll be cosplaying as Sheik on Friday and Pit on Saturday. Sunday will just be my lazy day to be lazy. xD

See you guys, then! Miss you guys and such!

Anonymous whispered,

do u have a picture of your self?

I do.