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tompaul replied to your post: challenge: talk about Sheik’s gender. this stuff…

In the Historia does it definitively name him as male? I’ve always just assumed he was, but I was wondering what the official thing said. Note to self; get a copy of the fucking book.

It says that she disguised her self as a boy of the Sheikah tribe. Also yes, you should get this book, it’s a gem. 

I will be leaving the waiting circle on Tuesday it seems. My Hyrule Historia gets here then!

First off; i followed you a while back but never really checked into your blog. It was just… so much Zelda and i got excited.
Second; I LOVE IT SO MUCH <3

Now… I have to ask; did you get each of your songs separately or did you find them all at once. Because i really want your playlist. <3


Sheikah’s Response:

Haha, I’m glad you like the Grove so much. =)

The songs are scattered all over youtube.

While I do have them on my computer  for the playlist, I sat through pages and pages of youtube looking for them and linking them.

So…Tingle-x-Ganondorf fanart sitting inside my inbox for like a while thanks to halfyoma


Oh, hello there.

As you guys might or might not be able to tell, I have been playing Majora’s Mask and that is still what I am doing. Takin’ my time and such. I’m currently at Ikana—best part ever, omg—and perhaps by the end of the night, I would have finished the game as a whole. I kinda don’t want to, I wanna enjoy the game more~

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except i DID say that i would have said something if it was about a guy. which is why i said NO IT WOULD STILL BE…

Hah, I misunderstood you then; to me ‘still be’ =/= ‘i would have still said something.’ xD

totorobear ha risposto al tuo post : totorobear ha risposto al tuo post : Okay so. This…

no, it would still sound elitist, but geek culture is pretty full of people who are particularly harsh on expecting women to live up to their standards of what makes a “true” fan. so it just sounded…like…that?

While you’re right, I feel as if it was incredibly unnecessary for you to point out that the story revolved around a female—it felt to me as if I am supposed to be lighter on females just because they’re females instead of treating them at the same level as everyone else. Sounds like you’d like them to stand equally, right? So, if I think a female isn’t as big a fan as she claims to be, I can’t call her out on it because I’m a male?

Either way I am happy that you’re honest in admitting that you wouldn’t have said anything if it revolved around a guy. =)

totorobear ha risposto al tuo post : Okay so. This girl I know says she’s a huge fan of Zelda and what not. SHE HAS ONLY PLAYED TWILIGHT PRINCESS. I’m trying to break it to her that she’s a fan of that game and not all of zelda if she doesn’t know any other damn game. Do you agree?

this ask is incredibly elitist wow. it really sounds like the idea that girls have to prove their true fan status, actually!

So…you wouldn’t be saying this if it were a guy instead of a girl?

baronvonbeny5 ha risposto al tuo post : So you went to the Symphony of the Goddesses, huh? I went when it was in my area, and my god it was the most fantastic thing. You are so lucky and I’m glad you had a great time there! I would kill to be able to go again. What would you say your favourite part was? Personally mine was the Ocarina medley (not the OoT movement).

Was anyone else surprised they didn’t have any movements from Skyward Sword? I was a little dissappointed by that. OMG! YES THOUGH! Most amazing concert ever! I loved the Majora’s Mask finale too!

I was a tad surprised as well; but I think the concert wnated to focus more on the past games.

rasutobosukakattekoi ha risposto al tuo post : I’m glad to hear that someone as awesome as you is also a crossdresser. Hearing that officially made my day so much better.

Maybe I’ll finally get the courage to post pictures of myself in my gothic lolita dress.

I would love to see that. ♥

neongreencoffin ha risposto al tuo post : The Symphony of the Goddesses.

Ahhhh i was there :D were you the one dressed in the pink dress and platform shoes? because i was one person with that sort of lolita attire!

Yes, that was me. n.n

youthculturekilledmydog ha risposto al tuo post : The Symphony of the Goddesses.

is it ever gonna happen again? ;_;

Not in NY; they’re going to a few other locations, though.

Once again, I have to apologize for neglecting the Grove and its Skull Children. I have been all over the place and still sulking because I couldn’t attend NYCC. But that’s, okay! I’ll be going to the Symphony of the Goddesses and I have decided to cosplay to it. I’ll be one of ‘those’ guys. Hah.

Anyways, for those of you that did go to NYCC, I hope you had a great time. I have it in me to attend the one next year! For those of you who will be going to the Symphony of the Goddesses in NY this November, then I’lll maybe see you there!