Ganon’s Tower - Wind Waker

The end dungeon of Wind Waker.

Let’s talk about that music

This is my first ever post so why not start here right? Anyway, we all know that Legend of Zelda music is probably ( the best video game soundtrack out there. But which song from which game would you say is the best? There’s only a few thousand to pick from so no pressure. 

Sheikah’s Response:

There’s only a few thousand to pick from so no pressure.  There’s only a few thousand to pick from so no pressure. 

My favorite song seems to be somewhere between Saria’s Song and the Song of Healing. I can never chose between the two. There are so many different versions of the songs through the games, too….so there’s that to pick from but I always seem to come back to the original ones. Darunia said that Saria’s Song makes depression go away and I believe him, that song always cheers me up while the Song of Healing does a very good job at calming me down.

So, everyone should talk about their favorite Zelda songs. Go on!

Sheik/Zelda Game

How awesome would it be if Nintendo made a Sheik game.  Ughhhhh I’d explode of happiness…let’s try to get Nintendo’s attention?

Sheikah’s Response:

Tbh, I’m sure Nintendo has heard some word of it, they’re not completely oblivious to what the fans say. However, I’m one of those fans that isn’t interested in this type of game at all. As much as I love Sheik, I wouldn’t even want to see him in another game. Breaks his ‘magic’ for me.

Songs from Koholint Island


My name is Ariel Bitran. I am a musician based out of Brooklyn, NY.

I have written a 15-part series of songs based on the Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening. Some of the parts are now posted to my soundcloud including live takes of “Song of the Windfish” and “Within Range” as well as the studio version of “Deep Blue Lake”.

Hope you enjoy the music based on this inspirational game!



First off; i followed you a while back but never really checked into your blog. It was just… so much Zelda and i got excited.
Second; I LOVE IT SO MUCH <3

Now… I have to ask; did you get each of your songs separately or did you find them all at once. Because i really want your playlist. <3


Sheikah’s Response:

Haha, I’m glad you like the Grove so much. =)

The songs are scattered all over youtube.

While I do have them on my computer  for the playlist, I sat through pages and pages of youtube looking for them and linking them.