The Shadow Temple


Well, you guys know of my perfectly normal obsession with the Sheikah, so it would only come as natural that the Shadow Temple is my favorite temple in Ocarina of Time. This is only after getting past the whole ‘shit, that place is so fucking scary’ phase I had when I was a kid. After I got past it, I found myself returning to it quite often. Every time I go into a room and take a second to look around, I can only imagine the type of things that were happening in there. How many people died, were jailed there left to rot or tortured. 

Do want to take a tour of the Shadow Temple with me? I’ll be typing about every section of the Temple which strikes me most and the different themes that run around. If you’re coming with me, hold my hand, don’t let go as I can’t be held responsible if anything were to happen to you.

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Which Miamai was the last you collected?

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The Grove has gathered 10k+ Skull Children! Thank you all for coming!

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As previous stated, posters of A Link Between Worlds will begin in this month. So, I hope you enjoy them.

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Happy New Year to all of the Grove’s Skull Children!

Let it be a good one, let it a productive one!

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So, A Link Between Worlds posters will start on January? Yes? No?

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Trivia: Are there any hidden grottos in Zora’s Domain? If so, how many are there?

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Lon Lon Ranch’s Management

Deep in my heart, there is a small sense of satisfaction in seeing Talon kicked out of the ranch when Ingo takes over even if the guy doesn’t run the place properly. It seems I’ve no sympathy for people who are purely lazy. A part of me believes that Ingo did deserve to be owner of the ranch because he did all the work there for a very, very long time. Too bad Malon was the one that got stuck in the middle of it all.

Did Talon really think that it was right for Ingo to do all the work while he jst slept? Hell, even Malon was working. It seems she was in charge of Epona which is fine seeing as how she was a child at the time and there is so much a young girl can do for the grown horses. Point is: she did work, too.

Is there a trap in a dungeon that you always fall for?

The Legend of Zelda

I figured I could share this with you guys here, too. Anyways, a game idea has been flying around in which you play as Zelda disguised as Sheik during the seven years in which Link was sealed away. I was asked how I felt about this and this is what I said:

I saw that flying around and while it sounds like a good idea without thinking about it, when you do…it really isn’t. More that it doesn’t make sense rather than it being a bad idea because nothing actually happened in those seven years. She disguised her self and waited. She couldn’t do anything against Ganondorf, she couldn’t help anyone out in Hyrule at all. One because she was powerless to do so and two because if she did, then there would be a chance to draw attention to her and risk being found out. 
What could possibly happen in that game? Do we sit through her training or something? If something memorable happened during that time, then it would be a good idea but…nothing memorable happened. Who would be our bad guy? Who could possibly be our bad guy? It cannot be Ganondorf and it cannot be anyone that would be working for Ganondorf at that time because if we are successful, then that would draw attention to her self.
Part of being a member of the Sheikah tribe also means staying in the Shadows until the time is right…

What do you guys think of this game idea?

Link, the Poe Salesman. [Theory]

So, since I am playing Ocarina of Time again, there is simply no way that I can ignore the Poe Salesman and what he says to Link when you go see him. For a while, there have been many theories about him floating around. The most popular being the one that he is the Happy Mask Salesman. It’s great, it makes sense, but it doesn’t do it for me. Why? Well, because the Happy Mask Salesman doesn’t hate the world! He spreads joy with his masks, but the fact that this Poe Salesman is possibly carrying the Mask of Truth is a bit hard to dismiss.(He says he can read your mind and that red eye-looking thing is a bit of a dead give away.) I thought so, too and the more I thought on it, the more things began to click for me.

In the end, what I came to think is that the Poe Salesman is Link! Not the Link we are playing as, obviously, but the Link from the ‘failed’ timeline. Ocarina of Time is the game which splits the timeline into three: an Adult Timeline in which Link defeats Ganondorf and goes on to be a legend, the Child timeline in which Link returns to his child-period time and goes on to Termina and the Fail timeline in which Link is defeated by Ganondorf. I do believe that the Poe Salesman is the defeated version of Link. Why do I think so? He has the Mask of Truth!

Oh, but the Happy Mask Salesman has the Mask of truth, it cannot be Link! Right, BUT the Happy Mask Salesman lends the Mask to Link at the end of the mask-selling side quest. He no longer has it according to the game’s time-flow. There are no other duplicated of the Mask that we know of and it being a treasure passed down by the Sheikah, it is very unlikely that there is a duplicate of the mask. I do believe that this Link has already been defeated but not killed by Ganondorf as the bastard is way too cocky to kill someone he no longer considers a threat. “Watch me rule the world and spread my evil while you have no power to stop me!”

I believe that this “Link” has grown bitter and miserable as he cannot save the world any longer and only hopes for things to get worse. It is very sad to think about, very sad…

I hope I explained this well-enough as I feel there might be some points missing. Feel free to message me or respond to this and I’ll be happy to answer to your questions/comments.

100% Hunter

So, I am not sure if nay of you remember, but a while back I was hunting for Gold Skulltulas and heart pieces. And guess what? II’m still searching for them. I am missing 6 pieces of heart and eight Gold Skulltulas. I cannot, for the life me, remember where those damn things are!

Well, actually…I know where three of the heart pieces are, but for the rest of the things I cannot find! And no, I refuse to look it up!

However! I will accept help form you guys! What type of help? Well, sort of specific: tell me the locations of the most obscure Gold Skulltulas and heart pieces you can think of and not inside the temples as those places are completely clean.

Don’t attack form behind!

So, I am playing Master Quest right now and I just made it to the Sacred Forest Meadow with all the Moblins. And when I got to the final one—the biggest one that sends shock waves your way and you have to dodge them to get past him—I am always reminded back to when I was a kid and was playing Ocarina of Time with my Dad watching me. He saw that I got past the Moblin and was attacking him from behind. After seeing that, he goes and says: “Well, that’s not very honorable, you shouldn’t attack someone from behind. That’s the coward’s way.”

After he told me that, never again did I attack that Moblin from behind. Haha. I always got past him without killing him until I got the bow and arrow so that I could shoot him; or I sent Bombchus his way. I still do that!

If you could be of any race in Hyrule, which would it be and why?