Hyrule Warriors Exclusive Pre-Order Costume Packs!

As you all might know, Hyrule Warriors will have the option to customize Link and Zelda’s appearance and costume in three styles: Ocarina of Time costumes, Twilight Princess costumes or Skyward Sword costumes. HOWEVER, each costume pack is limited to one company:

Click the links to pre-order!

As of right now, I am unsure if there is any other way of getting additional costumes after you’ve pre-ordered and if there is a way (other than buying the game three times) I would like to know. Send me a message or add to this post if you know!

NOW that you know which costumes will come with which pre-order: WHICH WILL YOU CHOOSE?!

Don’t forget that you can send me any topics of discussion regarding the Zelda series. I’ll be happy to answer to all of them and after I do, feel free to join in and give your own input!

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