"The Walking ReDead"

"The Walking ReDead"

Tread carefully in the land of Hyrule, for the ReDead have come to life!

Clothing, throw pillows, tote bags, stickers and more Grey Matter Creations

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fierce deity (my opinion)

ok so we know that the twili created the mask that midna wanted in twilight princess that she sais came from a dark tribe or something and the happy masks salesman sais the exatc same thing about the majoras mask if you notice there eyes look exactly the same wich could prove the two masks are from the same tribe practicing there dark rituals and stuff now fierce deity really puts evidence into the tetraforce instead of a triforce the tetraforce is a fourth piece of the triforce that was thought of when you finished twilight princess and the middle of the triforce goes darker but if oyu look on fierce deity closely he has the upside down piece of the golden triangle just under his stomach and a normal piece on his shoulder therefore saying he could be the fourth god another good theory that you could argue is if everyone in termina and hyrule are doubles how come theres no other link? fierce deity could be the link of this world with some power given by the gods or because his hyrule counterpart obtained the triforce of courage and one more thing who sais fierce deity isnt evil his whole appearance looks sorta dark when you try to use the mask outside of bosses it sais you cant use such dark powers outside of boss rooms and even him having the darker upside down piece of the triforce could prove this theory