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What is your favorite quote from a Zelda game?

I’m stuck between two of them:

"Have faith, have faith." "Believe in your strength. Believe."

Both by the Happy Mask Salesman

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Which games Zelda is your favorite?

Whoops, I misread your question. You’re asking which Zelda is my favorite, as in character, yes?

If so, that would have to be Skyward Sword’s Zelda, she is the most sincere to me.

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So someone asked recently about how you would feel about a Sheik/Zelda centric game, and I wanted to know your opinion on the current campaign on Facebook to give Zelda a stronger role in Zelda games. (Like possibly making her a playable character or one that doesn't just appear in certain cutscenes but has to actively help Link in his adventures.)

Zelda doesn’t need a stronger role at all, she IS the story and what she does in every game is extremely important. Just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean that she’s not doing anything nor does it take away from the importance of what she does. I think that people who think she needs to actively help Link throughout the adventure have never played Spirit Tracks, she happens to be his companion there and saves him from death several times. 

I previously made a post all about her, too. This might apply.

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What is your favorite version of The Lost Woods and why?

Argh, you know my favorite area ever….

Anyways, I think my favorite version of the forest is in Ocarina of Time & Majora’s Mask. (In Majora’s Mask, the Lost Woods make a single appearance at the start of the game, that’s where Link gets attacked by the Skull Kid and gives chase to him.) That is my favorite version because the fact that you can get ‘lost’ and come out at the start gives you a sense of disorientation. I’ve memorized all the ways to go in the forest, but I remember when I didn’t know and I was just learning, I’d come out at the start again just because I got disoriented just once. Everything looks the same in the passages which makes you feel as if you’re really lost unless you know the way.

Granted, this was the same case with the NES version of the Lost Woods, but there, the forest was a lot smaller and it wasn’t very hard to navigate at all.

Anyone have any Zelda-related questions they'd like to ask? Anything Zelda-related at all!

Link, the Poe Salesman. [Theory]

So, since I am playing Ocarina of Time again, there is simply no way that I can ignore the Poe Salesman and what he says to Link when you go see him. For a while, there have been many theories about him floating around. The most popular being the one that he is the Happy Mask Salesman. It’s great, it makes sense, but it doesn’t do it for me. Why? Well, because the Happy Mask Salesman doesn’t hate the world! He spreads joy with his masks, but the fact that this Poe Salesman is possibly carrying the Mask of Truth is a bit hard to dismiss.(He says he can read your mind and that red eye-looking thing is a bit of a dead give away.) I thought so, too and the more I thought on it, the more things began to click for me.

In the end, what I came to think is that the Poe Salesman is Link! Not the Link we are playing as, obviously, but the Link from the ‘failed’ timeline. Ocarina of Time is the game which splits the timeline into three: an Adult Timeline in which Link defeats Ganondorf and goes on to be a legend, the Child timeline in which Link returns to his child-period time and goes on to Termina and the Fail timeline in which Link is defeated by Ganondorf. I do believe that the Poe Salesman is the defeated version of Link. Why do I think so? He has the Mask of Truth!

Oh, but the Happy Mask Salesman has the Mask of truth, it cannot be Link! Right, BUT the Happy Mask Salesman lends the Mask to Link at the end of the mask-selling side quest. He no longer has it according to the game’s time-flow. There are no other duplicated of the Mask that we know of and it being a treasure passed down by the Sheikah, it is very unlikely that there is a duplicate of the mask. I do believe that this Link has already been defeated but not killed by Ganondorf as the bastard is way too cocky to kill someone he no longer considers a threat. “Watch me rule the world and spread my evil while you have no power to stop me!”

I believe that this “Link” has grown bitter and miserable as he cannot save the world any longer and only hopes for things to get worse. It is very sad to think about, very sad…

I hope I explained this well-enough as I feel there might be some points missing. Feel free to message me or respond to this and I’ll be happy to answer to your questions/comments.